14th September 2017


Nineteen Eighty-four – GEORGE ORWELL


Warning of totalitarian state control giving us an unforgivable future.

Orwell’s vision of England 1984 ruled by the Party and big brother control of the population in Airstrip One via the Ministries of truth, love and plenty.

Uses futuristic technology to keep control to overcome rebellion.

Any thoughts of rebellion are squashed by the state through modification of language and re-issuing of newspapers to reflect the current truth by the Thought Police.

The sacrifice of privacy.

Provoked reflection of the Western world and how our state has invaded our privacy



Controls the minds of the people

Limits and suppresses pleasure

Opposite gender interaction a crime, sex is looked down on through the eyes of the anti-sex league.

Ingsoc is an organisation who wants to abolish pleasure

Julia uses sex to rebel the party and Winston joins her.

“Scores of times she had done it: he wished it had been hundreds – thousands. Anything that hinted at corruption always filled him with a wild hope.”

This hope is what the party hope to destroy.

O’Brien tortures Winston in room 101



Takes away freedom by installing surveillance.

The Party uses Thought Police, spies and telescreens 24/7

Winston writes in the diary but worried about thoughtcrime.

“The essential crime that contained all others in itself. Thoughtcrime, they called it.”

Party can accuse anyone with no evidence

Thoughtcrime also has the ultimate penalty:

“Thoughtcrime does not entail death: Thoughtcrime IS death”

Winston is constantly in fear of being caught and tortured

Junior spies are kids who are trained to catch adults doing thoughtcrime

A government that can fully monitor its citizens instils fear and maintains full control.


The minority report – STEVEN SPIELBERG


Takes place in 2045, one week before the vote for the national pre-crime initiative, which determines whether police departments across the country will adopt pre-crime.

until then, pre-crime only in Washington DC and after 6 years of murder prevention, the murder rate had dropped by 90%.

Argue that such a system leads to the arrest and imprisonment of innocent people but in effect, that is what the pre-crime unit does but Lieutenant John Anderton would say that the people the system targets are not truly innocent.



It deals with the philosophical and moral debate surrounding its premise: stopping crime before it happens.

How can people be arrested before they have actually committed the crime?

In the real world, we can only prosecute crimes that have been committed in person, not in the mind

As soon as the thought of the crime becomes verbalised, it is a threat and becomes crime

In Minority Report there is no difference between the thought of a crime and the execution of a crime.

Precogs see into the future that tells what date and what time a murder will occur.

If it weren’t for the pre cogs, the system wouldn’t be effective and the predictions would be eliminated



Technology plays an important role in our present time but can you imagine it as progressed as what is seen in Minority report in the near future?

One may get the impression that it would be near impossible and undesirable to escape the control that technology has over society


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